Safer mobile communication
solution for schools.


No Phone Numbers Required - Ever.

Chat & Push

Instant Messages and Pop-Up Notifications ensure students never miss critical updates.


Send a personalized to-do list to your students that can include additional links, videos, and more.


Make life a bit easier for busy parents and students by adding all events in one calendar.

Docs & Links

Easily share documents, links, and videos remotely from any cloud storage provider.

... and much more.

A hand-held version of you

Goals and expectations are clear with a mobile portal.

In a world of countless emails, important information can get lost in the shuffle. Through your own mobile portal, students and parents can efficiently find everything they need to know about your class or program, in a very organized way.

Target Content to Specific Needs

Content can be shared with specific individuals, groups, or all your contacts.

Everything is private

Nothing is posted publicly.

All interactions on the app are private, confidential, and secure. Meaning, that important conversation with your student isn't going to show up on someone's news feed

Risk management for your whole School

Reporting tools and more

In addition to having all of our great individual features, using InteractWith in your school unlocks a wide range of tools just for administrators. It gives them more control and transparency in order to manage risk and limit liability. Learn More

Loved by Many

"The app is wonderful! The communication with my ASC [All School Council] members have improved significantly. … For the past 2 months we have been working around the clock to make this event a success. ... I could not imagine us accomplishing this great feat without the app."

–Maureen All School Council Faculty Advisor and Field Hockey Coach

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